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We have been looking forward to sharing systems developed by TicketManager clients. So we are excited to illustrate in the video below how a system of an experienced and successful Portfolio Manager is implemented with TicketManager. TF_Strategy Multi-Symbol & Timeframe System with TicketManager Here is an additional related video (a TicketManager overview), recorded during a […]

Now !QCL.MyIndex, in addition to closing values can show open, high and low values or your custom indices, calculated from your input symbol list and formula. Bar representation is the new default as seen here: Make your own indices or recreate ones like the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Since the DJIA changes over time, perhaps […]

TradeAssistant is an Add-On available on the TradeStation Strategy Network. It is a fast and flexible order placement tool. Another powerful TradeAssistant advantage is that of placing entry orders protected by bracket exit orders, fast. With any position there is always a price at which you would take profit and there should always be a […]

OCA groups (also called OCO groups) can significantly increase your trading opportunities without high margin costs and risks of placing multiple independent orders. Let’s say you want to buy any one Dow 30 stock if it drops from the daily open price by 5% or more. Placing 30 separate orders would be costly, and you […]

TicketManager now comes with the !QCL.EquityCurveOptimizer companion strategy. It works as a filter for TradeStation strategy signals generated in the same chart. When equity performance is positive, equity-curve settings can allow trade information to be sent to TicketManager for automation. When equity performance of strategy signals is negative, equity-curve settings can disallow trade information from […]

The demonstration workspace of TicketManager launched from the TradeStation Strategy Network Dashboard has 4 symbols running in RadarScreen to automate strategies for those symbols. So trading in all 4 symbols is possible, but the demonstration only automates one of the symbols. In order to show how TicketManager works, it automates the SPY symbol running in […]

TicketManager is available on the TradeStation Strategy Network, as an algorithmic automation system, so that serious traders can have truly manageable and institutionally-scalable automation. But TicketManager is more than just a solution to TradeStation automation. It is an algorithmic order execution system that can be accessed from external applications. If you want to route orders […]

The rally was significant, but as noted in the preceding post it was on an average rate of trading. Here is how the chart finished, with the rate of trading ranking as the 17th most active day in the last 30. And the rate of trading oddly ran along the monthly average rate most of […]

One of the reasons we released EquityMarketsVolume was to give traders a way to verify what is being reported. Today we heard much about the strong rally in stocks and in oil prices. The price increases are significant and encouraging to anyone on the long side. There is nothing wrong with that. When first hearing […]

TradeAssistant is designed to be a fast and flexible order placement tool. Use it in RadarScreen with 100’s of symbol and custom triggers for each. Put orders in OCO groups to leverage buying power. Create OSO relationships and brackets. Check the status of orders and positions at a glance. TradeAssistant can be used in charts […]