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We often receive emails about general TradeStation strategy automation problems from users running TradeStation around the clock. Common problems include overnight disconnections from the order execution network that cause missed trades, leading to automation halts. There are also, often related, overnight issues caused by data ranges of automated charts. This happens when charts begin processing […]

In a recent TradeStation hosted webinar, the question was raised (paraphrased) “How much RAM does a computer need to run TradeStation well?” I prefer to let TradeStation answer such questions, but the easy answer is that more is better. Of course it is true the TradeStation platform is 32-bit software. And a 32-bit process is […]

There have been TradeStation data and order execution APIs that were never released. So currently, TradeStation does not provide APIs like Sterling Trader, Interactive Brokers and several other brokers. For now, as a workaround, one can interface with OOEL code running in a host window. This requires that TradeStation is open with a chart or […]

Custom Option trading solutions that reference the multiple data streams of an option chain can be developed, given the standardization in option symbology. !QCL Solutions has put together custom and robust automated options trading systems that auto-locate options based on the underlying symbol, date and price. If you choose to attempt this on you own, be aware that such […]

You can quickly change chart intervals with TradeStation macros which can by typed, associated with hot keys or associated with toolbar buttons. For example, one could have a toolbar like the following:  Example Custom Toolbar   You cannot add to the following drop-down, in the latest TradeStation 9.0 (Update 8521) platform: For the ability to […]

We often receive requests to fix EasyLanguage code developed for a customer by another EasyLanguage Specialist. Such projects raise issues like the following: The customer may be sharing code, owned by another party, that was intended to be confidential. The other developer may have been denied proper compensation. We do not wish to become involved […]

As an EasyLanguage Engineer at TradeStation and as a Specialist now, I have had frequent requests to capture and test the plotted signals of EasyLanguage Indicators that clients purchase from other 3rd parties. Ultimately in the coding world, the question is not can we, but is it worth the effort. TradeStation does not yet expose […]

Answer: Monitor your trading accounts and orders. Any mechanical system of trading with TradeStation depends on TradeStation interfaces, TradeStation data, TradeStation connectivity, User inputs, the Operating System (and often the System Time), potentially other applications like Excel, etc. For numerous reasons, it is always possible that orders could be placed, cancelled or unplaced in unintended ways.   There […]

If your Trading System is a Strategy, then put it on the Strategy Network, available in TradeStation 8.8. The Strategy Network distributes only binary files and restricts use by account and monthly lease periods. Code there is secure. If you are a C++ programmer, write your code in a C++ dll referencing TSKit.dll for access […]

Even though enhancements are occasionally made, the core technology of EasyLanguage Strategies, is old. Development reasons aside, will there be core-level improvements? In a future release of TradeStation, there may be Strategy Objects and Events (not to be confused with Order Objects). But realistically, the chances of such new features, done well and in the near term, are […]