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This video walks through demonstration code built with OptionsX components, for the TradeStation platform. The code is for a TradingApp window called TradeBotDemo which can be used with other applications like the earlier SymbolDataTable TradingApp to place orders and manage positions.

This video walks through demonstration code built with OptionsX components, for the TradeStation platform. The code is for a TradingApp window called SymbolDataTable for viewing large sets of dynamically updated options data of an input symbol.

This video is to set the context for leveraging OptionsX components in your own trading applications using the TradeStation platform.

OptionsX, Independence Day release! Now enhanced for highly customizable trading applications. Leverage our advanced code templates to quickly build institutional quality systems.

The video below demonstrates an OptionsX setup, with the StrategiesMonitor system, to trade options contracts for any TradeStation strategy, even if the code is locked. In the particular setup, long strategy signals are executed with Calls and short strategy signals are executed with Puts. Setup is explained here: And the workspace is enabled to trade […]

TicketTrader is for algorithmic trading. Say you want to enter or exit a position in AAPL but don’t want to place one large order. Rather, you want several orders over time following a plan to minimize market impact and/or improve your average trade price. You may want to do this aggressively or passively, which typically […]

Notice: As of this revision on 2016 August 9, TradeStation 9.5 is categorized by TradeStation as a “Release” product. The change of category from “Release Candidate” was made with, or soon after, the release of Update 14 on 2016 June 8. For TradingApp Store clients, we strongly recommend using TradeStation 9.1. Advanced products like OptionsX […]

AutoBracketsFFX automates your TradeStation Futures and Forex Strategies to place each signal, with matching stop and limit orders paired in brackets. Have all your orders in the market for effective protection against disconnections and other interruptions, secure from system derailment, incomplete coverage and over-execution risks. Enjoy global controls, use with TicketManager, and more. Exploit the […]

OptionsX is a toolset for automated options trading relative to underlying stocks in TradeStation Charts and RadarScreen. It is designed for traders looking to enhance their strategies with the leverage and risk controls of options. With opStrategiesMonitor you can quickly turn underlying stock strategies into sophisticated options trading systems with automation details handled for you. […]

TicketTrader is a TradeStation acclaimed product. TicketTrader, along with CTAllocator, are award winning TradingApps. They are professional tools for serious-minded traders. Even if you are not a professional trader, why settle for less? Every trade matters. Trade better with TicketTrader. TicketTrader is designed for price improvement and market impact control through order slicing algorithms. TicketTrader […]