TicketTrader is for algorithmic trading. Say you want to enter or exit a position in AAPL but don’t want to place one large order. Rather, you want several orders over time following a plan to minimize market impact and/or improve your average trade price.

You may want to do this aggressively or passively, which typically depends on the market environment. So when setting your algorithmic inputs, it can be useful to view real time trading relative to current quotes. This is the purpose of the TicketTrader chart.

Note that the TicketTrader chart is optional. If you do not need it, you can hide it.
Format > TradingApp… > Inputs tab > set iBarsToChart = 0.

The chart initially loads symbol data but does not stream further real time data. This is to conserve resources until they are necessary. To the right of the chart, you should see a yellow button. When ready to view streaming data, press the button. Real time data will stream for 1 minute. Then the button will reappear for you to press if you need to view further real time data in setting up or adjusting your TicketTrader algorithm.

This video illustrates how to use the TicketTrader chart.

TicketTrader Chart Button

TicketTrader Bubble Chart and Button

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