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Now !QCL.MyIndex, in addition to closing values can show open, high and low values or your custom indices, calculated from your input symbol list and formula. Bar representation is the new default as seen here: Make your own indices or recreate ones like the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Since the DJIA changes over time, perhaps […]

!QCL.MyIndex and the MyIndex products were originally the same. We were deciding what name to use and kept both. Now there is a difference. We have released an extended version of the MyIndex product under the !QCL.MyIndex listing on the TradeStation Strategy Network. In addition to being able to form custom indices like the Dow […]

A new version of MyIndex is to be available on the TradeStation Strategy Network by 11/1/2011. Even though MyIndex properly leaves the handling of data request errors to the TradeStation platform, two new inputs enable the user to specify more precisely how requests for multiple non-linear time series data streams are managed, and how any […]

With !QCL.MyIndex create a custom Index like the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ-100 or S&P-100. The MyIndex indicator makes it simple. Input component symbols, multipliers and base values in comma-separated inputs (a tool is provided to build input strings). Choose from multiple viewing options, set alerts and even write your custom index to a file, […]