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The video below demonstrates an OptionsX setup, with the StrategiesMonitor system, to trade options contracts for any TradeStation strategy, even if the code is locked. In the particular setup, long strategy signals are executed with Calls and short strategy signals are executed with Puts. Setup is explained here: And the workspace is enabled to trade […]

TicketTrader is for algorithmic trading. Say you want to enter or exit a position in AAPL but don’t want to place one large order. Rather, you want several orders over time following a plan to minimize market impact and/or improve your average trade price. You may want to do this aggressively or passively, which typically […]

AutoBracketsFFX automates your TradeStation Futures and Forex Strategies to place each signal, with matching stop and limit orders paired in brackets. Have all your orders in the market for effective protection against disconnections and other interruptions, secure from system derailment, incomplete coverage and over-execution risks. Enjoy global controls, use with TicketManager, and more. Exploit the […]

OptionsX is a toolset for automated options trading relative to underlying stocks in TradeStation Charts and RadarScreen. It is designed for traders looking to enhance their strategies with the leverage and risk controls of options. With opStrategiesMonitor you can quickly turn underlying stock strategies into sophisticated options trading systems with automation details handled for you. […]

TicketTrader is a TradeStation acclaimed product. TicketTrader, along with CTAllocator, are award winning TradingApps. They are professional tools for serious-minded traders. Even if you are not a professional trader, why settle for less? Every trade matters. Trade better with TicketTrader. TicketTrader is designed for price improvement and market impact control through order slicing algorithms. TicketTrader […]

If you are a TradeStation client or planning to become one, and you need to place lists of orders, take a look at TradeAssistant or TradeAssistant Pro. Both are available on the TradeStation TradingApp Store (previously known as the “Strategy Network”). The !QCL.TradeAssistant indicator of the TradeAssistant products is a powerful and flexible order placement […]

We often receive emails about general TradeStation strategy automation problems from users running TradeStation around the clock. Common problems include overnight disconnections from the order execution network that cause missed trades, leading to automation halts. There are also, often related, overnight issues caused by data ranges of automated charts. This happens when charts begin processing […]

Below you can download a TradeStation ELD and workspace for a demonstration trading system that can be easily automated with the leverage of options. This is made possible with OptionsX on the TradeStation Strategy Network, using the included opMPTrader system. With opMPTrader, options contracts are automatically located relative to the underlying symbol. The demonstration shows […]

Here is a first installment in “How to trade with OptionsX”: OptionsX is easiest to use with opMPTrader to leverage the buying power of options in running your TradeStation Strategies. To do so, setup one or more strategy-signal functions (e.g. MyLongSignalFunction and/or MyShortSignalFunction) that product +1, 0, -1 market-position signals. In the opMPTrader indicator, where […]

Download the PowerPoint slide-show with narration, here or by clicking on the image above There are 5 videos used in the slide show which you may also view here: Free Trials on the Strategy Network Subscribing on the Strategy Network EquityCurveOptimizer with TradeStation’s Strategy Optimize utility Simple setup of a Strategy Simple setup of a […]