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EquityMarketsVolume is available on the TradeStation Strategy Network. The product comes with a default workspace for identifying important, volume-supported market events. It can identify critical support/resistance price levels where market participants become especially active. If you want to create your own workspaces with EquityMarketsVolume, see the video below. The video explains how to prepare a […]

The rally was significant, but as noted in the preceding post it was on an average rate of trading. Here is how the chart finished, with the rate of trading ranking as the 17th most active day in the last 30. And the rate of trading oddly ran along the monthly average rate most of […]

One of the reasons we released EquityMarketsVolume was to give traders a way to verify what is being reported. Today we heard much about the strong rally in stocks and in oil prices. The price increases are significant and encouraging to anyone on the long side. There is nothing wrong with that. When first hearing […]

See yesterday’s post: Equity Market Volume has remained low Voilà, we have the pennant breakout with equity markets volume increasing above the 21-day moving average. However trading activity slowed into the close and overall volume was still unimpressive. The above chart was produced with the default workspace of the EquityMarketsVolume indicator available on the TradeStation […]

In the image below, circled is an example of an accelerating rate in equity markets volume. Before 12:35 PM ET, trading activity was proceeding at a pace for about 6 billion shares traded (roughly the 21-day moving average). Then with increased selling activity, the rate increased so that the end-of-day equity markets volume projection is […]

It is reasonable to expect an increase in volume that will break the pennant formation seen in the chart below. With skyrocketing Oil prices, declining equity prices appear likely in the event of trading volume increases. The above chart was produced with the default workspace of the EquityMarketsVolume indicator available on the TradeStation Strategy Network.

With the EquityMarketsVolume indicator you could have known today’s headlines hours beforehand. CNBC reported after close that today (November 14th 2011) had the lowest trading volume (for US Equities) this year. They were right as can be seen in the following chart using the EquityMarketsVolume indicator: Today ranked #220 or 220 trading days this year, […]

For years we have tracked total volume in US Equity Markets. It has been one of our most useful indicators for quickly ranking the significance of daily trading activity. Too often we hear misrepresentations of daily trading activity on major media outlets. So we figured, why not let traders see the truth for themselves – […]