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The talk on the news is that futures are down and Oil spikes over 100. Here are the relative changes in futures since yesterday’s close: See the previous post about SeasonalTrends for the Oil contract, CL. The rapid increase is counter to seasonal trends, and is hitting a strong resistance level at the end of […]

Below are SeasonalTrends patterns for the continuous Light, Sweet Crude Oil Futures (NYMEX) CL contract using the maximum available daily data at TradeStation. If you are a subscriber to SeasonalTrends on the TradeStation Strategy Network, click on the image to download the workspace.

SeasonalTrends displays annually repeating trends. The tool further supports detrending and forecasting. Larry Williams popularized the approach. It serves those who understand seasonal trends as an important component of forward price estimates. Overlay chart data with historical average annual price patterns. Forecast future movement based on historical average annual price patterns. Detrend price relative to […]

The Green line in the chart below is the daily calculated Gold/Silver ratio (scaled to the right). Overlaid in Blue is the average annual percentage change of the Gold/Silver ratio (scaled to the left) for front-month futures contracts (GC and SI respectively). The percent change pattern starts January 1st, each year at 1.00. The long-term […]

Here are example views of the SeasonalTrends indicator with SPY daily data developed for TradeStation. It averages annual trends starting from a user specified date. All the examples start from 1/1/1994. The displayed workspaces and other are installed along with the SeasonalTrends TradeStation Add-On product. The Add-On product is of known interest to followers of […]