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Image Compression Technology Click on the image, or link, above to see a video presentation of an exciting image compression technology. (The MP4 video is over 132 MB. It may take several minutes to begin running on your machine. Please be patient.)

Inputs for demo, click to see video:

Here’s an example Equity-Curve Trading system, using an EasyLanguage Strategy for simulation and Order macros to keep an Account synchronized, while limiting slippage. For starters, if you saved a TradeStation workspace with RunCommand enabled, you will be prompted on reopening: Open with Strategies & Macros Enabled Overview: Example Equity-Curve System Explained Synchronizing: TSO.StratMatch Synchronizing Synchronization […]

Here is a video demonstrating how TradeStation macros, accessible to EasyLanguage through RunCommand, can be used to create a custom complex order for Limit to Market conversion at a specified time. TSO.Lmt2MktCustom function

In adding an ActivityBar study to multiple charts, you may want to setup default inputs as shown here: And upon insertion of an ActivityBar study, you may want to adjust the Activity Data interval and length of historical look back. To do this quickly, in the Insert Analysis Technique window, ActivityBar tab, set as default […]

In real time, TradeStation studies can process data tick-by-tick as bars form. That way one can do things like determine the price at which there was the highest burst of trading volume or the price for which most trading occurred throughout the time of the bar. Historically, intrabar details are more limited for TradeStation studies. The way […]

TSPlatAuto.Chart using PeriodsBack and iPeriodsBack to set data range

Confirm TradeStation Version and Build Importing the ELD and inserting the Strategy in a Chart: TradeStation 8.7 Importing of the ELD Insert the imported Strategy into a Chart, TradeStation 8.7 Trading Overview Inputs Overview Optimization Overview Automation: Getting Started Automation: TradeManager – Strategy Orders tab Advanced Automation: Automation: TradeManager – Strategy Orders tab, 9/2/2010 Advanced […]

Launch a TradeStation Chart, setup data, insert indicators, change date range and more with !QCL Solutions TSPlatAuto.Chart Class