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Notice: As of this revision on 2016 August 9, TradeStation 9.5 is categorized by TradeStation as a “Release” product. The change of category from “Release Candidate” was made with, or soon after, the release of Update 14 on 2016 June 8. For TradingApp Store clients, we strongly recommend using TradeStation 9.1. Advanced products like OptionsX […]

TicketTrader is a TradeStation acclaimed product. TicketTrader, along with CTAllocator, are award winning TradingApps. They are professional tools for serious-minded traders. Even if you are not a professional trader, why settle for less? Every trade matters. Trade better with TicketTrader. TicketTrader is designed for price improvement and market impact control through order slicing algorithms. TicketTrader […]

If logged into TradeStation with an account that has Strategy Network subscriptions or trials, there can be memory bloat with TradeStation applications like orchart. A simple example of this is to create a chart, then a second chart. Delete the second chart. Watch orchart in the Task Manager Processes tab. Notice that memory usage increases […]

The TradeStation TradingApp Store is a great system allowing you to have access to specialized products on any machines where you login. Download and installation processes are automatic, but occasionally there can be problems. If you have trouble with any TradingApp Store products to which you subscribe or apply for trial, first contact: The TradeStation […]

Generally we recommend the latest TradeStation release and updates. This gives our clients access to the latest bug fixes. Recently we had been anticipating Update 8 since it was to resolve a memory leak we found in the platform months ago. This TradeStation memory leak was an issue that could affect products like TicketManager when […]

“Trade in the Now with Market Depth Velocity” was a webinar presentation showcased by TradeStation 2011 May 23. The video part of the PowerPoint presentation above, demonstrating the Market Depth Velocity indicator, is here:

TradeStation will likely resolve this and other legacy code issues, in time. Until then, be aware that there are some issues with legacy EasyLanguage code not working in TradeStation 8.8. Here’s an example function that uses math in a variable declaration, working in 8.7 but not in 8.8: The essence of the issue is not […]

Development Environment and EasyLanguage Issues: Cannot right-click to open EasyLanguage documents for functions from within protected indicators, where they are used. This right click functionality does work in unprotected indicators. Macros like “.of LastBarOnChart” no longer work in the TradeStation 8.8 platform. It is not a must, but would be nice for those who like […]