If logged into TradeStation with an account that has Strategy Network subscriptions or trials, there can be memory bloat with TradeStation applications like orchart. A simple example of this is to create a chart, then a second chart. Delete the second chart. Watch orchart in the Task Manager Processes tab. Notice that memory usage increases with each new chart window created, and this is often not reduced by deleting the secondary chart. While keeping the initial chart open, repeat the process of creating a secondary chart then deleting it. Notice with each repetition that orchart memory increases. This can increase until TradeStation crashes.

Links below contain videos of the phenomena in TradeStation 9.1 (Update 21)

with a login that has Strategy Network subscriptions:
2013-05-28_1030: orchart memory increases

with the same login, taken Offline:
2013-05-28_1036: orchart memory increases

with the platform restarted Offline:
2013-05-28_1040: orchart memory usage does not increase

with a login that has no history of Strategy Network subscriptions or trials:
2013-05-28_1054: orchart memory usage does not increase

with a login that has two expired Strategy Network trials:
2013-05-28_1126: orchart memory increases

And here on a client machine, running TradeStation 9.1 (Update 18), there is still memory bloat, but much less since the client has just one Exclusive Access / Strategy Network subscription:
Steadfast_TOA_2013-06-01_0024: orchart memory increases only 2,000K per 2nd chart, login has just one SN product

To test this on your own computer and TradeStation login, here is a standardized test bed in a zip folder: Test_MemoryBloat.zip

The folder contains an ELD and two workspaces for TradeStation 9.1 Update 13+. Install the ELD and put the workspaces in your TradeStation MyWork folder, which may be here: C:\Program Files (x86)\TradeStation 9.1\MyWork

Then open the Test_MemoryBloat_Start.tsw workspace file and follow steps as in the following two videos:

Example test using a login with Strategy Network subscriptions (significant memory bloat, watch orchart in the Processes tab):

Example test using a login with no Strategy Network history (resulting in no memory bloat, watch orchart):