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One application of XLInputs is to write data to Excel See a video demonstration by clicking on the picture below. In the demonstration, data is being written to a specified Excel workbook with a worksheet named according to the left chart symbol, SPY. The data being written is Date, Time, Open, High, Low, Close and […]

Excel_KeepSingleInstance is an Excel Add-In that can be used with any other applications for Excel. Excel_KeepSingleInstance helps prevent the Excel application from opening multiple instances of itself. Often times when users click on a workbook they do not intend to open a secondary instance of Excel, but it can happen. And this can cause problems […]

Click the link below for a short Flash video that demonstrates how to install XLInputs. Installing XLInputs_MC_2010 The demonstration covers the following (specifically for XLInputs with MultiCharts and Excel 2007 & 2010): 1) Installing the downloaded MSI file 2) Using the installed desktop shortcut 3) Opening the demo Excel workspace and testing with the test […]

Click on the picture below to see XLInputs working with MultiCharts. The video was made for a customer requesting support.

Customer question: “Does XLInput work under multi-threaded programs like MultiCharts V7?” Answer: Yes, the XLInputs application is thread safe. It has been tested in MultiCharts 5, MultiCharts 6 and the latest MultiCharts 7 release. Click on the image for video: XLInputs with two MultiCharts 7 instances interacting with multiple instances of Excel The product is […]

Windows operating system, XP or later TradeStation 8.7 (Build 3085) or later or MultiCharts 5.5 (Build 2723) or later Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007 or 2010 For the original XLInputs installer, the following is necessary: – Microsoft Office 11 PIA – Typically this would have been installed by default with Excel 2003 – If the default […]

XLInputs can replace the free ELExcel.dll in the TradeStation forums, but the free dll does not replace XLInputs. XLInputs was designed to make working with Excel from EasyLanguage, very easy. Without any special code in your EasyLanguage indicator or strategy, using an XLI function, EasyLanguage can reference inputs in Excel even if you don’t know […]

Matrix math functions like the  following are available in Excel: MMULT function MDETERM function TRANSPOSE function MINVERSE function With such functions, one can perform calculations from EasyLanguage (linked to Excel via XLInputs.dll) as follows: Pass values to Excel with XLO.Num functions Trigger a calculation with XLO.CalcSheet, XLO.CalcRngA1 or XLO.CalcRngRC Retrieve results with XLI.NumRep functions XLInputs is sold here: […]

In this example XLInputs is used with TradeStation to place a Sell at Open Limit order at a specified time. It is an order that converts to a Market Order at a latter specified time. The EasyLanguage inputs and controls are based on Excel settings. Here is the complex sell order being placed at the specified time: […]

Verifying Fib Time Ext with XLInputs