Notice: As of this revision on 2016 August 9, TradeStation 9.5 is categorized by TradeStation as a “Release” product. The change of category from “Release Candidate” was made with, or soon after, the release of Update 14 on 2016 June 8.

For TradingApp Store clients, we strongly recommend using TradeStation 9.1. Advanced products like OptionsX and TicketManager may not be installed properly by TradingApp Store processes in the 9.5 platform. Further, products with advanced functionality, such as TradeAssistant in its ability to respond when specified applications have placed orders, may not perform properly.

Release Candidate - version 9.5

TradeStation 9.5 - Release Candidate

There are numerous issues with the 9.5 platform. So again if you are using subscription products, managing money, or are otherwise engaged in the serious business of trading, we strongly recommend using TradeStation 9.1.

TradeStation 9.5 is there for checking out the new bells and whistles. It’s cool. Have fun, but do your important work in TradeStation 9.1.

For more information, a description of release candidate software can be found on the following Wikipedia page: Software release life cycle.

TradeStation explains 9.5 as a release candidate here:

Please let us know if you have any questions concerning our TradingApp Store products to which you are subscribed or are trying.
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