TicketTrader is a TradeStation acclaimed product. TicketTrader, along with CTAllocator, are award winning TradingApps. They are professional tools for serious-minded traders. Even if you are not a professional trader, why settle for less? Every trade matters. Trade better with TicketTrader.

TicketTrader is designed for price improvement and market impact control through order slicing algorithms. TicketTrader allows you to step into target positions with multiple orders over time, limiting order quantities based on market activity, and enacting variably aggressive limit and stop prices relative to spreads. Use market orders or periodically convert to market when orders must fill. TicketTrader takes care of the details for you in trading and tracking application-owned positions.

TicketTrader features a unique tick chart reflecting the size and direction of trades. It finds valuable information in scattered ticks so you can anticipate where the market is likely to go. This is to help you make informed decisions as you manage positions.

Trading is at the heart of TicketTrader. It is much more than eye candy, TicketTrader is focused to secure trades that work for you. Especially if you trade with size, it can be vitally important to spread out over time, be patient for your price, scale your quantities relative to recent ticks, be variably aggressive, manage entries and exits differently, peg orders relative to inside quotes, employ multiple TicketTraders, etc. TicketTrader pursues best execution prices for you and your clients, by your rules, not simply hoping to get lucky or that a market maker won’t slip trades too much.

With just one buy or sell, TicketTrader can easily pay for itself. If you take your business serious with excellence and fiduciary responsibilities in mind, especially in light of the many forces working against fair executions, how can you not arm yourself?

A 10-day trial is free and doesn’t automatically roll into a subscription. Give it a test drive and see that TicketTrader puts you in control of your trades.

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TicketTrader – Getting Started

We look forward to your trials and actively supporting subscribers. Let us know if you have any questions.

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