OptionsX is a toolset for automated options trading relative to underlying stocks in TradeStation Charts and RadarScreen. It is designed for traders looking to enhance their strategies with the leverage and risk controls of options. With opStrategiesMonitor you can quickly turn underlying stock strategies into sophisticated options trading systems with automation details handled for you.

Further, if you want to automate trading indications in charts or with multiple underlying stocks in RadarScreen, the opMPTrader system is tailor-made. And OptionsX delivers even more, with a massive infrastructure open to build your own custom options systems for analyzing and trading.

The video demonstration below is of opStrategiesMonitor, the plug-n-play trading system that you can use with any of your stock strategies. It is a quick and powerful way to get started with OptionsX and may likely be the only system you need. It puts the OptionsX infrastructure to work for you, making your options selections, trade automation and positions management easy. With OptionsX sweating the details, you can focus on higher-level decisions necessary to run a successful business.

opStrategiesMonitor Demonstration

OptionsX - opStrategiesMonitor (swf video may not run in Chrome, try another browser like Firefox or IE)

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