If you are a TradeStation client or planning to become one, and you need to place lists of orders, take a look at TradeAssistant or TradeAssistant Pro. Both are available on the TradeStation TradingApp Store (previously known as the “Strategy Network”).

The !QCL.TradeAssistant indicator of the TradeAssistant products is a powerful and flexible order placement tool. It allows you to create long lists of orders, such as for every stock in the S&P 500, with complex triggers, activation times and prices, OSO and OCO associations, from RadarScreen or Charts. You can place in moments what could take hours to enter manually.

Note that OCO grouping enables you to place multiple orders for the buying power of only one. You could place 100’s of orders to buy the first stock in a group that drops by say 5% from the daily open, and it doesn’t consume your buying power. For example, if you had $50k in buying power you could place multiple orders, in the same OCO group, each for a buying power cost of $50k rather than having to seriously divide your buying power. It allows you to widen your net and reduces the need to bend your trading criteria in getting orders filled.

Below is a demonstration video and TradeStation workspace that you can use with a trial or subscription to the TradeAssistant product.


TradeAssistant OCAgroups

Download the TradeStation workspace file here: TradeAssistant_OCAgroups.tsw

We hope that you enjoy the presentation.