With TicketManager ( Version 25 ) we have released new features for you to better view the equity curve of each chart’s strategies. And with the EquityCurveOptimizer tool of TicketManager, you can now save details of the equity curve to a file. The details can be that of bar-by-bar equity values, trade-by-trade strategy filled events data, or both. The following video demonstrates how you may easily view and record details of your strategies’ equity curves.

TicketManager Equity Curve Demonstration

EquityCurveDemo.tsw for TradeStation 9.1 Update 7 (Version:

Here is an additional video showing how you can use TicketManager ( Version 26 ) to create equity curve records as 3rd-party data for TradeStation charts:
TicketManager Equity Curve 3rd-Party Data Demonstration