TicketManager is provided with the capability to maintain a log of its operations, such as the performance of algorithmically managed trades. With TicketManager ( Version 26 ) and above, additional algorithmic performance data is recorded to track the performance of “count-down” aggressiveness settings. As an example, perhaps you have the controlling StrategiesMonitor for a symbol and account, setup to start each trade with a target spread cross of 0% that moves toward 100% over a 30 second period. To determine how well the “count-down” process is working, you want to know how often trades are being filled before fully crossing the bid-ask spread.

Take a look at the following video to see how the TicketManager Algo Evaluator application quickly reveals algorithmic trading performance, providing insight for you to fine tune your TicketManager trade settings.

TicketManager Algo Evaluator
TMalgoEval_DemoVideo_7-19-2012 12-11-03 AM