OCA groups (also called OCO groups) can significantly increase your trading opportunities without high margin costs and risks of placing multiple independent orders. Let’s say you want to buy any one Dow 30 stock if it drops from the daily open price by 5% or more. Placing 30 separate orders would be costly, and you would be exposed to risks (however unlikely) that you get filled on all 30 orders.

The solution is to place the 30 orders in an OCA group. If one is filled, or even begins to fill, all the other orders are cancelled. And if by some technical glitch more than one is filled, then the broker bears the responsibility. This stems from the fact that the orders are managed by the broker’s conditional servers.

TradeAssistant is an Add-On available on the TradeStation Strategy Network. It is a fast and flexible order placement tool. Among it’s many uses, it can quickly create, cancel or otherwise manage OCA group orders. Click on the image below to see a video demonstration.

If you are a current TradeStation customer or are considering TradeStation, we hope that you try TradeAssistant. We will customize a TradeAssistant environment to best serve your needs. Let us know if you have any questions.


– How do I subscribe to TradeAssistant?
Video Instructions: Subscribing to TradeAssistant on the TradeStation Strategy Network

– Can TradeAssistant orders be kept on TradeStation when I logout? …Yes
Video Instructions: Keeping TradeAssistant orders on TradeStation servers when logging out

– Can TradeAssistant orders be issued with protective stops that become active when the primary order is case filled? …Yes
Video Instructions: TradeAssistant – OCO group orders with OSO protective stops

– What is the best practice when closing TradeStation while leaving TradeAssistant orders on TradeStation servers?
Video Instructions: TradeAssistant – When closing TradeStation with TradeAssistant orders to remain on servers (avoid unintentional duplication)

– How can I place orders before market open, close TradeStation and have my orders become active later?
Video Instructions: TradeAssistant – Using ActivationStartTime to place orders before market open and close TradeStation