The demonstration workspace of TicketManager launched from the TradeStation Strategy Network Dashboard has 4 symbols running in RadarScreen to automate strategies for those symbols. So trading in all 4 symbols is possible, but the demonstration only automates one of the symbols.

In order to show how TicketManager works, it automates the SPY symbol running in two separate charts with a demonstration strategy). The important points are that:
1) TicketManager can automate trading for any symbol, running one or more strategies in a TradeStation chart.
2) TicketManager can automate trading for multiple charts with the same symbol. This is done by aggregating trades in the different charts by symbol and account.
3) TicketManager avoids traditional strategy automation problems with synchronization, making automation more robust and handsfree.
4) TicketManager makes traditional strategy automation scalable to institutional-level trading by managing aggregated strategy orders as tickets rather than individual orders. Tickets are order instructions that can be executed with one or more orders. Tickets are managed algorithmically to control market impact or to pursue price improvement.
5) TicketManager can be used for all of your TradeStation strategy automation. It can automate trading for as many symbols as you like. It can aggregate numerous strategies and time frames. It avoids boxing restrictions for stocks bypassing the need for separate short and long equity accounts. Basically, TicketManager makes strategy automation simple and scalable.

As a first step to getting more familiar with TicketManager, you may want to add charts to the demonstration workspace to automate one of the other symbols running the TicketManager application in RadarScreen. Here is an example video:

TicketManager demonstration video

Let us know if you have any questions. And if you need a workspace setup for you particular trading needs, send an email to [email protected].