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MDVelocity focuses on newest indications of buy and sell interest available in the market, so that trading systems can gauge where future trades may happen. Current inside bid and ask quotes can be old and misrepresent trading interests. Rolling period volume weighted averages of incoming quotes better indicate supply demand forces. Go beyond last prices, […]

OptionsX is a tool set for automated options trading relative to underlying symbols in TradeStation Charts and RadarScreen. It is designed for traders looking to enhance the buying power and profit potential of their strategies through Options. OptionsX is available on the TradeStation TradingApp Store. The demonstration workspace provided with the product is as follows: […]

The TicketManager system available through the TradeStation Strategy Network is provided with the EquityCurveOptimizer. It is a tool that can both apply and be used to optimize equity-curve trading rules. For instance, maybe you want a TradeStation strategy to stop trading once it has broken its lowest equity level of the most recent 5 equity […]

New with TicketManager ( Version 27 ) is enhanced functionality for the EnforceStratStartDT strategy utility. In addition to having it trigger recalculations as necessary, protecting clients from data reloading events that lead to Strategies not running over the intended data set, there is now: An optional input for clients to specify the first date of […]

What is TicketManager: TicketManager is a Professional Algorithmic Auto-Trading utility, implemented to manage TradeStation Strategies for robust scalable operations with market impact control. TicketManager aggregates and manages all your strategies. (It also allows you to intervene and trade as you please. If for instance TicketManager is pursuing a net strategy position of 1000 IBM shares, […]

EquityMarketsVolume is available on the TradeStation Strategy Network. The product comes with a default workspace for identifying important, volume-supported market events. It can identify critical support/resistance price levels where market participants become especially active. If you want to create your own workspaces with EquityMarketsVolume, see the video below. The video explains how to prepare a […]

The PositionsEquity product available on the TradeStation Strategy Network has been further enhanced for speed and performance. Look for the release of PositionsEquity ( Version 3 ). It is an invaluable tool for understanding the dynamics of your portfolio and each position within. How has your portfolio value changed historically and how is it changing […]

TicketManager is provided with the capability to maintain a log of its operations, such as the performance of algorithmically managed trades. With TicketManager ( Version 26 ) and above, additional algorithmic performance data is recorded to track the performance of “count-down” aggressiveness settings. As an example, perhaps you have the controlling StrategiesMonitor for a symbol […]

With TicketManager ( Version 25 ) we have released new features for you to better view the equity curve of each chart’s strategies. And with the EquityCurveOptimizer tool of TicketManager, you can now save details of the equity curve to a file. The details can be that of bar-by-bar equity values, trade-by-trade strategy filled events […]

This quick video is to help you restore sorting in the demonstration workspace of TicketManager, as sorting is lost when workspaces are distributed through the Strategy Network. TicketManager Sorting