OptionsX is a tool set for automated options trading relative to underlying symbols in TradeStation Charts and RadarScreen. It is designed for traders looking to enhance the buying power and profit potential of their strategies through Options.

OptionsX is available on the TradeStation TradingApp Store. The demonstration workspace provided with the product is as follows:


OptionsX on the TradeStation TradingApp Store

The workspace demonstrates options location and data provision features. Automated trading can be accomplished with the opTrader and opTraderEX functions. And there are over 40 additional tools for storing and retrieving your important strategy data (as with opGetSetRecord, opGetSetRecords and opGetSetRecordsEX), accessing marketdata (as with opData, opDataHiDayVol, opChain, opChainData), etc.

For plug-n-play system trading, simply functionalize your EasyLanguage strategy and use it with opMPTrader. As an example of using opMPTrader, the opMPT_RSI_Signal function, opMPT_RSI_Signal indicator and opMPT_RSI_Signal strategy are provided with OptionsX. The strategy is available for optimization of inputs to the opMPT_RSI_Signal function. The indicator is for viewing the opMPT_RSI_Signal signals. The signal function can be plugged into the opMPTrader CallMarketPositionFunction and/or PutMarketPositionFunction inputs to trade options as proxies for the symbol on which the indicator is based. For OptionsX subscribers, with the release of Version 9, the opMPTrader workspace automating opMPT_RSI_Signal in RadarScreen, or with charts, is available here:


opMPTrader system running with opMPT_RSI_Signals provided with OptionsX on the TradeStation TradingApp Store

(Note, if you apply the opMPTrader indicator to a window yourself, the default inputs for CallMarketPositionFunction and PutMarketPositionFunction are 0 and 0, but can be used with your own functions or ones like opMPT_RSI_Signal. To used the built-in opMPT_RSI_Signal function of OptionsX, apply the TradingApp Store function prefix, TA_OptionsX_, for the function to be named as follows: TA_OptionsX_opMPT_RSI_Signal.)

With just a few steps, OptionsX subscribers can turn on automated trading. Contact us through the developer link, which is provided when you subscribe, and we will help you get started.