MDVelocity focuses on newest indications of buy and sell interest available in the market, so that trading systems can gauge where future trades may happen. Current inside bid and ask quotes can be old and misrepresent trading interests. Rolling period volume weighted averages of incoming quotes better indicate supply demand forces. Go beyond last prices, quantities and levels, with rate and recency of incoming quotes fully considered. Find value in market depth.

MDVelocity is available on the TradeStation Strategy Network. Here is the demonstration workspace provided with the product:


MDVelocity on the TradeStation Strategy Network

MDVelocity is based on the award winning Market Depth Velocity indicator and concepts of “Trade in the Now”.

The MDVelocity suite of indicators and functions puts the power in your hands. You have access to all data sources and calculations through functions. There is even the mdvPublisher indicator and mdvReader function for platform efficiency, letting your calculations be made once per symbol and passed through the reader function where needed.

Use MDVelocity or MDVelocityPro in your own indicators and strategies. Go beyond pretty-picture indicators, and put the power of market depth velocity to work in your own systems.

If you are a TicketManager client, you can take advantage of MDVelocity in your trading now. With a MDVelocity subscription, TicketManager algorithmic trading can be enhanced with truer evaluations of supply-demand forces and effective spreads.

Contact us through the developer link, which is provided when you subscribe, and we will help you get started.