What is TicketManager:
TicketManager is a Professional Algorithmic Auto-Trading utility, implemented to manage TradeStation Strategies for robust scalable operations with market impact control. TicketManager aggregates and manages all your strategies. (It also allows you to intervene and trade as you please. If for instance TicketManager is pursuing a net strategy position of 1000 IBM shares, and you intervene, buying at market. TicketManager will adjust, terminating the ticket since the target position has been reached.)


Key TicketManager features are:

  • Strategy Automation with
    • Multi-chart aggregation for net trading of multiple strategies, time frames and settings
      • To avoid boxing restrictions
      • To avoid unnecessary trades by targeting the net position of potentially conflicting signals
  • Algorithmic execution for slippage control and possible price improvement
  • Equity-curve trading rules enforcement per chart
  • An Equity-curve trading optimization utility
  • Equity-curve trading rules enforcement of net positions
  • Equity-curve file writing functionality
    • With each bar and/or per trade
    • Comprehensive recording of equity-curve values
    • 3rd-party format recording of equity-curve values
      • With automatic creation of symbol attributes files for easy use as chart source data
  • Strategy start date notification and response features to manage situations where data refresh events may cause the start date of a strategy to change, when the trader may need to avoid this
  • A demonstration strategy that simply trades frequently for illustration
  • Two RSI-based strategies for clients to setup and use as they please
  • TicketManager performance logging, including algo performance. Tools are available for algo performance evaluations, in order to help users refine their algo settings.