With !QCL.MyIndex create a custom Index like the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ-100 or S&P-100.

The MyIndex indicator makes it simple. Input component symbols, multipliers and base values in comma-separated inputs (a tool is provided to build input strings). Choose from multiple viewing options, set alerts and even write your custom index to a file, which can be used as 3rd-party data. The indicator will automatically load component data to match bars of the data stream on which it is based.

Here is the indicator setup to calculate the Dow Jones Industrial Average:
MyIndex(DJIA)_5-11-2011 8-57-16 AM
Plotted on top of the $INDU symbol.

Here it is for a custom indicator of Currency ETFs, plotted in a sub-graph:
MyIndex(CurrencyETFs)_5-11-2011 8-58-41 AM

using the following Symbols:
and multipliers:

As mentioned, with viewing options, one is to be able to see their index relative to the last bar on the chart as follows:
MyIndex(DJIAcomponents)_5-11-2011 9-25-05 AM
The index value is adjusted to be 0 when it first reaches the last bar on the chart. In the particular configuration illustrated, it is also setup to show values of component data (i.e. the Dow 30) relative to DJIA changes divided by 100.

!QCL Solutions MyIndex indicator is available for TradeStation 9.0, through the Strategy Network.

If you have questions about using the MyIndex indicator, please add a comment to this post.