Development Environment and EasyLanguage Issues:

  • Cannot right-click to open EasyLanguage documents for functions from within protected indicators, where they are used. This right click functionality does work in unprotected indicators.
  • Macros like “.of LastBarOnChart” no longer work in the TradeStation 8.8 platform. It is not a must, but would be nice for those who like keystrokes and want to shortcut the often slow process of navigating dialogs to open existing EasyLanguage documents.
  • For large EasyLanguage documents, one cannot drag the scroll bar on the right of the document to reach the bottom. Rather one has to arrow down, repetitively drag or use keystrokes to reach the bottom of a long EasyLanguage document.
  • Many indicators using custom DLLs now return “Unknown Link Error”. I have seen this before in 8.7 on 64-bit operating systems, occasionally. In those earlier cases, the issue could be easily resolved  by opening and reverifying the offending indicator. In TradeStation 8.8, such indicators no longer work, with DLLs in the correct place, etc.

TradeStation 8.8 Notes

Here is the same indicator shown not to work in TradeStation 8.8 above, working in TradeStation 8.7. Note that it uses a DLL in the system folder (C:\Windows\SysWOW64, since the operating system is Win7, 64-bit). The dll is shown at the end of the video. Being in the system folder, it is available to both TradeStation 8.7 and 8.8.

An indicator that works in TradeStation 8.7, but not in 8.8